Now accepting applications for the following positions. 

Paramedic - Part-time 24 hours a week.

Job Description: The role of the Paramedic is to provide basic and advanced life support in the pre-hospital setting to the sick and injured and to transport to the appropriate facility safely and efficiently either emergent or non-emergent.   Evaluates the patient and relays pertinent information to the accepting facility and/or medical command physician and implement appropriate medical interventions according to established protocols or physician's orders.  This job can require heavy lifting and moving of patient and requires a full range of body movements including but not limited to bending, kneeling, crawling and reaching. 

Qualifications:  Must be a high school graduate or equivalent and have a valid driver's license.  Must be certified as an EMT-Paramedic by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and possess a current certification in BLS-CPR as recognized by the current regulations of the EMS Act.  Demonstrated competency in all required skills.  Must also possess current ACLS certification on hiring.  Candidates must receive Medical Command authorization from our Medical Director.  Must have EVOC and have completed all required yearly training for EMSVO.   You must be able to perform at the highest level in dynamic, stressful and rapidly changing environments. 


Wheelchair Transport - Part-time 20-30 hours a week, possible Full-time 40 hours a week with some overtime.

Job Description: Drivers provide a critical service to wheelchair bound individuals by safely moving, securing and transporting them from place to place, which includes hospitals, nursing homes, doctor's offices and any other approved facility or destination.  This job requires frequent lifting and moving of patients, and requires a full range of body movements including bending, stooping, crawling, climbing, kneeling and reaching.  Excellent manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination is required.  Job requires safely operating vehicles and safely transporting patients in all traffic and weather conditions.

Qualifications: Must be a high school graduate or equivalent and have a valid driver's license.  Minimally required to hold one of the following: Certified first responder or EMR by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, First Aid card from American Heart Association or equivalent course of study.  In lieu of one of the above listed certifications you must also hold a valid CPR card.  If you have EVOC is a plus.  Must be able to professionally interact and communicate with medical professionals, patients, relatives of the patient, facility administrators and co-workers.  You must be able to perform at high-level in dynamic, rapidly changing environments.  Due to regulations set forth by the PA Public Utility Commission, applicant must be at least 21 years of age at time of hire.   

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